Livio Vodopivec

Bleacher no 402X

For all types of paper. Used at 20° C.


Potassium ferricyanide*

50,0 g

Potassium bromide

10,0 g

Sodium carbonate (anhyd.)

20,0 g

Water, to make

1000 ml


* Potassiumcyanoferrat(III) K3Fe(CN)6. Keep away from light.

This solution will keep indefinitely if protected from strong light.

Prints must de wet before bleach. Prints must fully deweloped, fixed and rinsed before bleach.

Complete bleaching takes place in about 2 minutes or less. Full bleach leaves a yellowish thin picture. Partial bleach is also possible if the print is bleached shorter time.

After bleach, prints must be rinsed in water for at least 5 minutes.

The bottles must be well marked and keppt out of reach of children.