Livio Vodopivec

Brown TONER (odourless) with thiourea. nr 401 X

For all papers.


Solution A

Thiourea (thiocarbamide)

2,5 g


20,0 g

Water to make

250 ml

Solution B


5,0 g

Water to make

250 ml


Solution A and B are stocksolutions. Keeping properties: Solution A - 6 month, and for solution B - more than 6 months. Before use A and B should be mixed together, and the keeping properties are only one month.

6 parts of A + 1 part of B gives a yellow-brown tone.

Equal part A and B gives sepia tone.

The greater the proportion of B the colder the tone produced.

Before toning the photo must be bleached in a ferrocyanide bleacher.(402 X or 403 X).

The picture must be fixed and well rinsed before bleached. After bleaching it must be well rinsed.


The bottles must be well marked and keppt out of reach of children.